Sasquach Ferrules
Sasquach golf ferrules

Something tiny yet not unimportant on a golf club and up until now, overlooked or even neglected in the past – a golf ferrule.

The ferrule is necessary to reduce stress between the club head and the shaft. Without a ferrule the golf club shafts are at risk of breaking. 

Sasquach ferrules are taking on the task of creating the most unique and highest quality golf ferrules existing.

Sasquach is the only brand, not directly originated in Japan but from the greater Seoul region in South Korea.

Sasquach has specialised themselves in the manufacturing of handmade, individual ferrules in a meticulous process. This involves extensive manual labour in the tradition of gold smiths. 

The designs are carved out and manually paint filled and afterwards laser etched.

There are as well anodized and laser etched ferrules in similar quality but with reduced manual labour.

With Sasquach Ferrules you can individualise your Dragon Golf Club from our manufacturers even further. Or touch up and refurbish your existing golf set! 

Sasquach Ferrules upgrade
Sasquach Golf Ferrules

The ferrules are made from aluminium and do not alter the swing weight.

You can choose from an extensive pre-designed line-up or you can produce your own or your customers own design. This can be done from a small quantity onwards. 

The Sasquach ferrules are completing the portfolio from Dragon Golf and provides you and your customer unlimited individualisation.

Side note: A Sasquatch is a mythical creature in North America. It is written with a “T” – but Sasquach Ferrules are teeing off. 

Dragon Golf is exclusie distributing partner for the Sasquach Ferrules in the region of Europe and beyond. Get in contact if you want to purchase or sell those incredible products.