Team Yoshimura


Tadayoshi Yoshimura

Team Yoshimura is located in Kobe. The capital of the Hyogo Prefecture is on Honshu, the largest island of Japan, near the city of Osaka. 

In 1903 Japan’s first of now 2800 golf courses opened in Kobe. 

Nowadays Japan is the world’s second largest golf market after the United States of America. Not far from Japan’s oldest golf course Team Yoshimura resides at Port Island Golf Club Kobe. 

The company was founded in 1988 by one of Japan’s best known and most respected club fitters and golf instructors, Tadayoshi Yoshimura. 

Team Yoshimura is now managed in second generation by Jyunya Yoshimura.

Next to clubs, Team Yoshimura offers a wide array of golf related services. 

Their highly respected team of professional golf club testers publishes its test results in golf magazines and newspapers. Golf lessons are also available. 

These take place in excellently equipped modern video booths. Team Yoshimura also offers courses in golf club construction and club fitting. 

All these activities form the basis for the development and construction of their golf clubs. Data and experience gained from golf swing analysis and golf club tests are incorporated into the new development of golf clubs in order to address a wide range of players.

Golf Fitting Yoshimura
Port of Kobe

To appeal to a diverse audience, Team Yoshimura also works with non-Japanese manufacturers (e.g. Korea) and can therefore, offer an excellent price-performance ratio.

 Team Yoshimura focuses on long fairway woods and drivers, but also develop and produce game improvement irons and traditional golf club designs.