Handmade Custom Clubs


Miki Rapado Handmade Custom Clubs

Located on the beautiful island of Mallorca, is club fitting expert and multiple award winning “club maker of the year”, Miki Rapado. 

Handmade Custom Clubs has a rich history of over 18 years in the art of clubmaking and clubfitting. Over this time, they have collaborated closely with an array of talented professionals and players spanning all skill levels.

Whether one identifies as a seasoned professional, a skilled scratch golfer, or falls within the spectrum of medium to high handicaps, Handmade Custom Clubs is committed to delivering a top-tier, high-performance service.

Each golfer presents a unique challenge, and Handmade Custom Clubs takes pride in dedicating the time, care, and passion that each player rightfully deserves. The trust placed in them to enhance a golfer’s game is met with unwavering commitment.

For those seeking the joy of golf clubs tailored to fit them seamlessly, Handmade Custom Clubs invites you to reach out. Discover how their expertise can assist you in crafting your perfect set of clubs, ensuring that they complement your game effortlessly. Let’s embark on the journey to shape your new bag of clubs together.

Get in contact with Miki and make your appointment, getting fitted with the best Japanese golf club heads from Dragon Golf.