Golf Hunter


Welcome to Golfhunter Clubfitting Centre, located in the south of the Netherlands, close to the boarders of Germany and Belgium. 

At Golf Hunter they are experts and focused on specialised craftsmanship in custom golf clubs takes center stage. Their proficiency shines in the art of dissecting one’s swing, crafting bespoke golf clubs, and skill fully enhancing existing ones or forging entirely new ones.

In the realm of golf, the harmony between an individual’s unique swing and precisely tailored clubs is indispensable; a relationship indivisible. Rest assured, as a certified Level III instructor accredited by the WGTF GB&I, Golfhunter Clubfitting Centre possesses the knowledge and prowess to guide you on your journey towards refining your swing.

Enjoying a cup of coffee or tea together, the team initiates a thoughtful conversation. They are eager to understand the individual golfer’s experience and goals. They delve into inquiries about the player’s golfing journey, seeking insights into their challenges and discovering their cherished club.

Following this discussion, a series of static measurements take place. The golf clubs undergo meticulous examination to gauge shaft stiffness (and mind you, it’s not just about the letter on the shaft!). The team examines the current length, loft, and lie of the clubs. Additionally, they assess body proportions (a fundamental factor in determining club length) and hand size (a key element in determining grip thickness).

Golf Optimizer Xavier Bretin
Golf Optimizer Xavier Bretin

With these preliminary measurements taken care of, the player is granted the opportunity to take some swings since the fitting approach is “Performance based.” Once warmed up, the team proceeds to analyze the swing, already formulating initial insights.

Depending on the player’s objectives for the fitting session, various adjustments are explored. This may involve modifications to the existing clubs or drawing from their extensive collection of shafts and clubheads to find an ideal match.

The golfer receives a comprehensive and non-binding advisory report via email, ensuring they have the necessary information to make informed decisions moving forward.