Takumi Japan


Keisuke Sakamoto

Takumi Japan is based in the city of Ichikawa approximately 30km north of Himeji in Hyogo Prefecture. The town is generally recognised as the nucleus of forged Japanese golf clubs.

Takumi Japan is the very own brand of one of the oldest and most renowned golf club forges in Japan: Kyoei Golf.

For years Kyoei Golf has produced forged prototypes and exclusive series for many well-known golf club manufacturers.

In 2018 the company’s president Sakamoto-san had the vision to create his own brand and combine all of Kyoei’s expertise and experience: Takumi Japan.

In Japanese the word “Takumi” stands for the highest title a craftsman can achieve. In contrast to Europe, where the title “master” is awarded to the most skilled craftsmen, “Takumi” takes perfection even further.

The word literally means “artisan”, but this translation does not do the concept justice. To become a Takumi, outstanding skill and dexterity must be demonstrated during at least 60,000 hours.

60,000 hours of dedication and continuous improvement (kaizen) that affect the quality of the product! To become a “Takumi” a craftsman with an 8-hour day and approximately 230 working days per year, will have to work for more than 32 years!


Okamura Grind
Takumi Japan Iron

For the production of a – mostly hand-made – Takumi Japan club up to 80 individual process steps are necessary. Most of these can only be carried out by a Takumi.

All designs come from Keisuke Sakamoto. All models are personally designed and constructed by him and meticulously finished by his outstanding craftsmen. 

From the sketch to the finished club head – everything is made under one roof. The classic designs appeal to minimalists and aesthetes alike.

Takumi Japan – all the experience and craftsmanship from Ichikawa combined in one brand!