Iuichi San

Makino Golf was founded in 1988 as “Makino Sports”.

Then, the Japanese economy and the domestic golf sector were booming.

It was quite common to see plenty of golfers in luxurious golf & country clubs carrying equally luxurious golf clubs in their bags. And it was not at all unusual to spend 1,000,000 yen (€ 9,000) on pretentious, gold-decorated golf clubs – a piece!

Around this time Makino Sports entered the golf stage.

Makino was different.

The brand soon became known for its minimalistic, handmade, forged muscle backs that were solely made to order. Makino Sports was ahead of its time and quickly developed a cult-like following in the community of advanced players and tour professionals, from whom they received great support. But unfortunately, the company’s sleek, elegant and straightforward products were unable to attract a larger number of golfers. By the early 1990s, the brand was nearly forgotten. 

25 years later, in 2017, the company was relaunched under a new management. Makino Sports became Makino Golf. 

With this resurrection Makino reconnected to its proud heritage and provenance. Today’s Makino clubs are made of the highest quality materials of Japanese standards (JIS). All production steps still take place in Japan and are carried out with the same passion and attention to detail by the most experienced masters of handpicked specialised forges.

Makino Machining
Nomura san

The design process of Makino golf clubs puts a strong emphasis on the club face. The club face being the only part of the club that the player really sees when addressing the ball. 

Taking this into account, the company has developed a unique club face coating. In an additional process, named “ice blast finishing” the chrome plating of the club face is matted using dry ice. This creates a matt silver chrome layer which significantly reduces reflections and annoying, shiny glares. The unique “ice blast finish” technique is represented in the company’s logo by an ice crystal symbol. 

In addition Makino also offers a “Raw Finish” option for there clubs. This finish in time creates an oxide layer on the club, which can positively influence ball spin and also creates exceptional feel. With proper care – oiling after use – a golden colour can be achieved and maintained. 

Makino – for the eye of the player.