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Go Toba Sword Maker

The blacksmith profession has traditionally always enjoyed a high reputation in Japan.

The ancient Japanese emperor Go-Toba himself was trained in this craftsmanship and became a respected sword smith. 

Go-Toba’s creative period is now seen as the beginning of the Japanese “golden age of blacksmithing”.

A profound knowledge of steel and its properties as a material, as well as the expertise of working with it, have been passed on from generation to generation and are being refined continuously.

Today this knowledge is also applied to making golf clubs.

Anyone familiar with golf knows: the best golf clubs come from Japan.

However, nowadays most well-known Japanese producers – for cost reasons – have their products made abroad or mass produced. But there are exceptions. Companies that still manufacture in Japan.

Some of those handful of Japanese manufacturers have specialised in transferring traditional blacksmithing knowledge and techniques into the production process of modern-day golf clubs. 

Their wealth of experience guarantees the highest quality of these masterly products.

Noren Japan
Tori Gate Japan

Dragon Golf is the leading European partner of these exquisite manufacturers. It is our goal to provide these stunning golf clubs with an international platform. 

We believe it is importantto tell the history and background of their makers as well as to convey the Japanese traditions and philosophies behind their craft and artistry. 

Many of these traditions and philosophies are still firmly anchored in modern Japanese society. 

They have a major impact on most of our products and their appearances.

The idea of Wabi-Sabi, to mention just one of these philosophical categories, is an old aesthetic concept from Japan. 

It is essentially based on the acceptance of imperfection and the inevitable. Wabi-Sabi aesthetics allow visible traces of processing, intentionally raw surfaces or the deliberate omission of high gloss polishes, and so forth.

If you want to learn more about Japanese aesthetics and philosophy, you’re welcome to further browse through our website. 

Mount Fuji
Hokusai Dragon

The team at Dragon Golf sees itself as “The Embassy of Japanese Golf” and by presenting you this website and products, to convey some of the old traditions and philosophies we so dearly cherish.

In order to offer you the best products, we are in constant discussion and exchange with our manufacturers – also on site in Japan.

Delve in this website and enjoy your introduction to Japanese aesthetics and philosophy and the manufacturers and their products that we represent.

Welcome to the world of true Japanese golf.