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CGS Orion was founded in 2015 by Koji Uesugi who after many years of working for a well-known golf club manufacturer set himself the goal of creating the highest quality and purest golf club heads imaginable. To achieve this, CGS Orion follows an unconventional path.

The Hyogo Prefecture, and in particular the surroundings of the City of Himeji, is home to some of the world’s the best blacksmiths. Experienced craftsmen and grinders who work with fire and steel to produce the best forged blanks in the golf club industry.

However, as a part of his meticulous search of perfection Uesugi-san’s CGS Orion polishes its irons during one of the last additional production steps.

Polishing the soft steel that is used for CGS Orion’s clubs is a craft that may seem trivial at first glance. But the specific material is very prone to mechanical damage and scratches easily. It requires a careful approach not many craftsmen can offer.

So Uesugi-san began searching for the most experienced polishers in the country – and found them – in the cold north.

600km north of Hyogo, generations of local artisans have for ages been refining the complex process of polishing steel. Thus the area around the city of Tsubame in the Niigata Prefecture is known worldwide for its polishing technology.
Many mayor companies have their products refined there. Apple, western cutlery producers and several manufacturers of optics for satellites trust and rely on the quality of these expert craftsmen.

Orion Daruma

To polish, as is required by CGS Orion you not only need skill, a feel for the material, but above all, patience. Uesugi-san believes that this virtue has its roots in Niigata’s long winters. In the north, people used to be snowed in for weeks on end. And traditionally, polishing was an activity that helped pass time during these long dark periods.

CGS Orion’s most distinctive features are the combination of artisan skills from two prefectures and their constant striving to produce the best golf club heads. CGS Orion also offers a high degree of customer specific customizations, especially for wedges. 

These includes stamping, engraving and blasting, different coatings and surface treatments.
The result is perhaps the highest quality, most personal andmost elaborate golf club of all time.

CGS Orion – nothing but the best.