Cadero Grips
Cadero Grips

Cadero has its origins in the development of car tyres. The headquarter is located in the Shibuya district in Tokyo, Japan.

After years of research, development, design and production, a vast knowledge of materials and construction has been built up, that can be applied to golf grips.

This know-how results in the design of CADERO grips, featuring unrivalled grip & traction, great feel and the long lasting designs, due to an unique multi-layer composition.

Furthermore, all toxic substances have been banned from the factory and removed from the products. As the first producer of golf grips, some models are even biological degradable and ecofriendly, made from renewable natural rubber.

This natural rubber has been engineered to contain the natural agent – “Scallow“ – which is made from scallop shells and has many positive effects, e.g. Antibacterial properties.

The possibility to mount the grips with air due to its special construction is having a positive impact to the enviroment and health, as no adhesives and activators need to be used – as well the grip can be easily removed and reused.

Golf grips haven’t been treated as a fashion items for golfers yet. Cadero’s focus is on the choice of colours and designs for all tastes.

The design is printed on the core of a multi-layer construction, with a translucent outer layer, made of high quality, thermoplastic elastomer (hydrogenated SEBS). This material is hydrophobic and therefore repels water. 

PGA Grips Cadero
Cadero Performance Grips


Therefore the design cannot deteriorate or rub off and the grips won’t get discolored or the design can’t fade. Accompanied by the standard product range, each year limited editions with new designs will be released.

All these incredible features makes the Cadero Golf grip the most performing, innovative golf grip! 

This led to the fact that Cadero is now an official supplier for the PGA of Germany.

Cadero is exclusively imported and dispatched to many shops via our affiliated company Ryu Sports. 

Cadero – A true game changer!