Basiléus Beta 2 Graphite Shaft

The shaft for hard hitters. Hit hard with control.

Basiléus Beta 2

Available in different weights and flexes.


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The shaft for hard hitters. Hit hard with control.

• Full-length ultra-elastic 80t carbon fibre + PAN based 40t with ultra-elastic 70t carbon fibre material on the tip (50-R/S/X, 60-S/X, 70-S/X)
• 40-R/S/X shafts are an optimal balance of light weight, stiffness, and durability thanks to a PAN based 50t sheet
• Designs with the best base materials for the desired specs result in the optimal lineup for precision golfers
• The optimal lay out of materials for each model creates low torque and consistent acceleration through contact
• The shafts feel quite stiff from butt to tip. Hit hard and swing through with abandon High-level control at impact
• Tailored to power hitters looking to feel speed at the tip with stability at the hands

Tokyo – the capital of Japan and the biggest metropolitan area in the world, is home to the most elite golf shaft maker:


President and owner of Basiléus is the renowned composite engineer Akatsuka-san. Akatsuka-san was born 1952 in the Aichi-Prefecture and has graduated from the highly recognised Kanagawa University.

After graduating from the Kanagawa University, he joined Somar Industries, where he was involved in the development of carbon fibre applications. Since the 1980s he has devoted himself to the development of carbon shafts in Japan and is probably the most experienced and respected developer of carbon fibre golf shafts.

He has established himself as the leading carbon shaft engineer. Many golf clubs are fitted with shafts designed by Akatsuksa-san. Not only of his own brand “Basiléus” – he also works for other golf brands, developing their graphite shafts.

At Basiléus only the highest grade and quality material is used. Main supplier is Toray Industries, which are also a supplier for aerospace and motorsport industries.

By using his skills and experience, combined with the best materials and craftsmanship, Basiléus manufactures outstanding golf shafts, incomparable with the competition.

The shafts are created in small batches, and each and every shaft is check and analysed thoroughly multiple times during the manufacturing process, to meet the high expectations and quality requirements.

Another uniqueness of Basiléus is the unrivalled weights and stiffness combinations, due to the use of the highest grade materials. Some of the shafts are weighting only 26g – which makes them the lighest shafts in the golfing world.

Basiléus can offer each golfer a better performing shaft for their specific swing style and club head speed. The quality and performance of the Basiléus shafts got noticed by tour professionals. Many are now trusting Basiléus shafts, such as top players Atthaya Thitikul, Danielle Kang, Harold Varner, etc.

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40R, 40S, 40X, 50R, 50S, 50X, 60S, 60X, 70S, 70X