Cadero Pentagon Duo Plain Black

The search for the perfect grip is over!
Cadero Pentagon – the Game Changer!

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Product Number CSPMROUPLBK ,


The Pentagon Duo has, like all other Pentagon Grips, a multi-layer construction with a core in many different colours. The core is printed with the distinct Cadero logo and covered with a translucent, thermoplastic, technical elastomer (Hydrogenated SEBS).

This SEBS Material is a true game changer, as it provides durable design, unique look and feel.
The technical material, in combination with the pentagon shaped grooves (hence the name) is creating traction and grip like no other golf grip.

The difference between the Pentagon Solo and Duo is, that the Solo has the Pentagon Grooves on the backside, whilst the Duo has those grooves all around the circumference.

Control your clubs like never before! 

Additionally the Pentagon grips are water repellent (hydrophobic) and free from any toxic substances and softeners.


The Pentagon Duo comes in Size M (0.932″ / 0.600″ caliber) and can be installed conventionally with standard tape* and grip solvent**.

Note: CADERO Size M is like a standard Grip Size +1 Tape. In general Cadero grips are a bit on the thicker side – check the sizing table under the Specification tab.


With any of the flagship Cadero Pentagon Grips you will have true game changing grips on your golf clubs.


*For B2B customers this grip is also available for air gun mounting.

**Never use benzene (White gasoline (Waschbenzin) is OK), thinner or other sharp and aggressive solvents.

Technical Specifications:

CADERO Specification
Model Pentagon Solo
Caliber / Weight UT (Tape installation): 0,6″ / 48g / ± 2g
AT (Air installation): 0,6″ / 50g / ± 2g
Shape Round
Size Size M (0,932″ / 2,3cm)


Cadero Sizing Recommendations:

Hand Length [cm] [inch] Recommended Grip Size
> 24,8 > 9,8 Size L (+1) Size L (+2) Size L (+3)
22,3 – 24,8 8,8 – 9,8 Size L Size L (+1) Size L (+2)
21,1 – 22,2 8,4 – 8,7 Size M (+3) Size L Size L (+1)
19,8 – 21,0 7,9 – 8,3 Size M (+2) Size M (+3) Size L
17,8 – 19.7 7,1 – 7,8 Size M (+1) Size M (+2) Size M (+3)
16,5 – 17,7 6,6 – 7,0 Size M Size M (+1) Size M (+2)
14,5 – 16,4 5,8 – 6,5 Size S (+1) Size M Size M (+1)
< 14,5 < 5,7 Size S Size S (+1) Size M
Table based on 0,6″ shaft diameter [inch] 2 – 3 3 – 4 > 4
[cm] 5,0 – 7,6 7,7 – 10,2 > 10,2
(+1,2,3) = additional layers of tape Finger Length


Cadero has its origins in the development of car tyres.

The headquarter is located in the Shibuya district in Tokyo, Japan.

After years of research, development, design and production, a vast knowledge of materials and construction has been built up, that can be applied to golf grips.

This know-how results in the design of CADERO grips, featuring unrivalled grip & traction, great feel and the long lasting designs, due to an unique multi-layer composition.

Furthermore, all toxic substances have been banned from the factory and removed from the products. As the first producer of golf grips, some models are even biological degradable and ecofriendly, made from renewable natural rubber.

This natural rubber has been engineered to contain the natural agent – “Scallow“ – which is made from scallop shells and has many positive effects, e.g. Antibacterial properties. The possibility to mount the grips with air due to its special construction is having a positive impact to the enviroment and health, as no adhesives and activators need to be used – as well the grip can be easily removed and reused when using air.

Golf grips haven’t been treated as a fashion items for golfers yet.

Cadero’s focus is on the choice of colours and designs for all tastes. The design is printed on the core of a multi-layer construction, with a translucent outer layer, made of high quality, thermoplastic elastomer (hydrogenated SEBS).

This material makes the Cadero grips unique as it provides:
– Traction & Grip
– Non-Toxic
– Water repellent
– Transparent
– Durable

Therefore the design cannot deteriorate or rub off and the grips won’t get stains or discolored. Acompanied by the standard product range, each year limited editions with new designs will be released.

Additional information

Grip Size

Size S, Size M (0.932")