MTG Studio Itobori NC Blade

MTG Studio Itobori NC Blade
Larger club head and stronger lofted – therefore it is easier to hit and offers a longer distances.

Outstanding craftsmanship and quality.

Design your very own piece of Japan!


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The MTG Studio Itobori NC Blade is based on his clean and smooth twin „Itobori Tour“.

Forged in the identical forging die, out of the same, highest quality raw material S25C, the NC Blade is afterwards CNC machined and hand finished, to receive its incredible, incomparable Itobori look.

The club head is a bit bigger than the classic MB. Even though it looks super sporty, it is easier to hit than the Itobori / Ginrei MB. As well it is stronger lofted – similar to the NC CB.

Of course you have here as well all possibilities to design your very own pieces of Japan, giving it the look you like.

It is probably not necessary to mention that the feel and workability of this iron is as good as it gets.

Like almost all MTG clubs also available in all MTG surface finishes (see Specification Tab).

Product Code: MTGMB

Shaft Ø: 9.0T mm

Club #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 PW
Loft (°) 23 25 28 32 36 40 45
Lie (°) 60,5 61 61,5 62 62,5 63 63,5
Head (g) 250 257 264 271 278 285 292
Material S25C
Surface All MTG platings (Pictures: Chrome)


MTG Platings

Plating Chrome Black Chrome White Chrome Copper Black Copper Burning Copper Vintage Copper Black Boron
Durability +++ +++ ++ + + + + ++
Feel ++ ++ ++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +

MTG stands for Mayuki Takai Golf.

Takai-san, the president and master craftsman of MTG, comes from a golf-loving family.

As a young boy his grandfather took him to the local golf course where he immediately became hooked on the game.

Until he was 30 Takai-san  pursued a career as a professional golfer, but soon decided to focus on golf club production.

After ten years of working and studying at a small golf club manufacturer and more than thirty years in the game, Takai-san decided to open his own workshop in Toyoake (approx. 25 km southeast of Nagoya), in the Aichi-prefecture.

MTG Studio break conventions and make perhaps some of the most uncompromising and honest golf clubs in the world.

The forged blanks of their irons and wedges come from the renowned Kyoei Golf forge (Takumi Japan) and are then personally handcrafted by the master. In a way comparable to nothing else in the golf industry.

Ichii-Ittobori is a traditional grinding technique that for ages has been used on swords. Properly applied, the Ittobori technique removes a great amount of material in a very short time. This reduces heat development during the process, leading to a to a softer feeling moment of impact.

In addition, the technique gives the club heads a unique appearance and improves the club’s turf interaction. This MTG-typical design feature is also used in production of their fine woods and drivers.

Another specialty of MTG is the Ginrei technique, which also comes from traditional sword and knife manufacturing. The material is cold forged and then compressed again with a forging hammer prior to coating.

All the lofts and lies specified on the following pages are standard values, which can be changed individually adjusted immediately after forging and well before the clubs are finished.

The individual personalisation (embossing, welding) and production according to customer requirements in connection with eight different coatings and ferrules allow countless combinations, making each MTG Studio club a true individual piece.

Made to order. Made in Japan. Made for you!

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#4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, PW

Loft Adjustment

Standard (no change), -1° Strong, -2° Strong, +1° Weak, +2° Weak

Lie Adjustment

Standard (no change), -1° Flat, -2° Flat, +1° Up, +2° Up

Weight Adjustment

Standard (no change), -6g Lighter

MTG Plating

Chrome, Black Chrome, White Chrome, Copper, Black Copper, Burning Copper, Vintage Copper, Black Boron