Fujimoto Golf

Minobu Fujimoto, the founder of Fujimoto, embarked on a journey of craftsmanship and innovation in the 1960s.

With his keen forging skills, he breathed life into a small workshop adjacent to his home, where he embarked on the meticulous task of repairing and replicating Western casted irons. Employing a forging machine originally designed for knife-making, Minobu handcrafted each iron head, sculpting them to perfection with nothing but the guidance of his trained eye. 

This age-old technique would later evolve into the revered ‘Hizukuri’ method, now synonymous with our artisanal hand-made putters.

The inception of Fujimoto Golf Equipment Manufacturer marked a significant milestone as the company ventured into OEM production, serving a diverse range of domestic brands. It was the humble beginning of the Fujimoto Gikoh we recognise today.

Minobu’s legacy extended through the generations in 1988, when his three sons, Katsuya (current President), Yoshito (current Senior Managing Director), and Takeki (current Managing Director), joined the family business. Their involvement injected fresh vigor into the enterprise, propelling it toward unprecedented growth.

A pivotal year arrived in 2002, as Minobu’s grandsons entered the fold, transforming the small family business into a medium-sized enterprise. It wasn’t just growth in size; it was the nurturing of a profound family bond that spanned three generations. The company itself underwent a transformation, evolving from Fujimoto Golf Equipment Manufacturer to Fujimoto Gikoh Co., Ltd., bearing the distinguished moniker ‘Gikoh,’ signifying a manufacturer specialised in their craft.

The company’s reputation soared as it secured projects from major brands to create bespoke gear for their sponsored professionals. The Fujimoto name spread like wildfire among touring professionals in Japan, attracting numerous major OEM and tour support projects. A notable partnership with Katsuo Iura, a master engraver from Tokyo, marked another milestone. Iura-san is hand engraving each iron and putter indvidually. 

He gained recognition when he was hand engraving the famous Peacemaker Colt for John Wayne in the 1970s.

Fujimoto Golf
Fujimoto Iura

The company’s evolution led to the relocation of its factory to its current site and the addition of a new family member, Takeru Fujimoto. His technical expertise expanded the company’s horizons, introducing three-dimensional club design and an in-house CNC machining station.

In a year of significance, the official company brand, FG-Believer, was unveiled, offering an array of intricately designed products tailored to the discerning Japanese domestic market. FG-Believer heads found their place in many custom-fitting shops across Japan.

Today, the once-small family business has grown into a prominent force. Established at the end of 2017, Fujimoto Golf is on a mission to craft the finest forged heads, making the most of the company’s resources. After many years of growth and evolution, the factory has reintroduced the annealing process, a testament to our commitment to delivering the unparalleled feel that only a forged iron head can provide.